The homepage will allow you to view the latest news about Qredit and the merchants that are using Qredit.
On the homepage you will also find the form for bugreport and the network status of Qredit services.
For example, the blockchain, website, wallets etc.

The QAE wallet will replace the traditional Qredit web wallet.
We have added a few more functionalities to the QAE webwallet.
You are now able to set a name for your wallet, upload multiple wallets and in the future you can directly connect your Ledger to the web wallet.

For now, the Block Explorer is pretty much basic. In the future, you will be able to manage your funds to rewards voters that have been voting on your delegate.
You can also view vote reports directly on this page or check manuals on how to become a forging delegate.

Qredit Motion
With Qredit Motion you will be able to convert your coins to fiat currency or buy Qredit coins with fiat currency.
More information about this will be announced later this year.

Qredit Wave
Since the swap to our new blockchain, the goals of enabling and using NFC cards, tags and devices for sending and receiving Qredit has not been changed.
Qredit Wave is the new name for contactless devices for Qredit.
On the QAE you will be able to program your NFC tag with your own wallet address or pincode.
With Qredit Wave you can also easily check your balance, transfer or receive funds from or to other companies and individuals.
Qredit Wave will be available on desktops and mobile devices.

Smart Contracts
QAE Smart Contracts will allow users and especially merchants to create their own token on the Qredit Platform.
These tokens can be used to replace the current rewards system.
Instead of using traditional stamps or points for consumers.
Merchants can reward their customers with their own token with their logo and metadata, for example website and contact information.
The tokens can also be used between merchants and their suppliers.

Altilly Marketplace
The Altilly Marketplace offers API’s to connect to your marketplace wallet directly.
Instead of logging in on the marketplace, you can easily trade with Qredit within the QAE dashboard.

ARK ACES Marketplace
This is a nice feature created by the Ark Developers.
ACES stands for Ark Contract Execution Services.
The Marketplace console is a consumer dashboard for searching and executing service contracts listed on the Marketplace.
ACES Service providers can list their services nodes using the Marketplace API.
The “credits” for creating the ACES Marketplace Console goes to the ARK developers.

The KYC tab in the QAE dashboard is a new and unique functionality of Qredit.
As most of you people know, it can be a hassle to join ICO’s by uploading your official documents over and over again, not knowing if the 3rd party is being safe with your documents.
Starting OTC trades without a middleman can be very risky as you don’t know if you can trust the other party.
Exchanging your crypto to fiat or vice versa is not widely accepted for altcoins because it’s not always that easy to trace the funds, where they came from or who owns them.
Sometimes you receive a promotional offer from someone claiming to be a worker from a company.
Most of the time, these people are not who are they claiming to be.
The KYC function in QAE is here to avoid all these problems.
The KYC function allows you to connect your wallet address to your personal ID or social media account,
without storing the data on the blockchain and it works similar as Paypal by simply sending small amounts of funds to a specific wallet address.
You are allowed to share your information with a trusted American company that handles your information with the highest privacy protocols.
The end user, for example ICO holders, banks, or individuals can only see whether you are connected with this 3rd party or not.
More information about this functionality and the agreement with the 3rd party will be announced in October.

QAE in Development
The QAE dashboard is a product in development.
Some of the functions have been disabled at the moment.
In the next month, the most of the functionalities will be enabled one by one.
Updates will be announced on Telegram, Twitter and on our website in the blog section.